This assessment has been designed to gauge your reading and writing skills, as well as your general comprehension of the English language.

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1. The climate is rather _______ and the rapid falls in temperature and not uncommon.
2. The student __________ would like a non-uniform day this term.
3. I am __________ of the fact that the class can be extremely challenging.
4. ____________ there are many teachers who never mark their students work.
5. Giving a child a ___________ can go a long way to build confidence.
6. We need to order some more __________ before the end of the month.
7. Many of the Local Authority policies are questionable, _________ no useful function.
8. The lecturer was trying to _____ whether the class understood the lesson.
9. Please write a short paragraph explaining why you would be good in a customer service role.
10. Please write a short paragraph about your professional goals.