Central and Cecil

Central and Cecil

Case study

Delivering efficiency

Central and Cecil Housing Trust provides person-centred care and support and housing to vulnerable people, including frail older people; active older people and people with mental health support needs.

We provide a first point of contact for tenants where they require emergency repairs or maintenance support, specifically out with normal office working hours.
go-centric performs tri-age on the fault and captures the details of the issue. A tradesman or contractor is then deployed to resolve the issue.

Value Proposition

We are able to provide a consistent and reassuring contact point for tenants, no matter which maintenance contractor Central and Cecil choose to engage with.
go-centric provide a 24/7 contact solution, so that Central and Cecil can manage their call demand when they are closed, in a transparent and processed environment.

Key features provided include:

  • Daily Reporting
  • Full audit trail
  • 24/7 support
  • Process orientated environment
  • Key account support as the service changes and develops

As we provide a pay as you go model, Central and Cecil only pay for time used. This saves money while allowing for a higher quality service from professional Advisors.

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Partnership Approach

go-centric has provided Central
and Cecil with a consistent and measurable contact centre solution that meets the changing needs of our residents and service users. We are delighted to work in partnership with them.

James Warne

Head of Property Services, Central and Cecil

The Royal College of Midwives – Membership Services

The Royal College of Midwives – Membership Services

Case study

Delivering efficiency

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) are a professional association with over 48,000 members who represent the interests of midwives throughout the UK and internationally.

Since 2012, go-centric has worked in partnership with the RCM to enhance their member experience and engagement.

go-centric currently handles around 37,000 contacts each year for the RCM, resolving 94% of the enquiries presented while escalating the remaining 6% of more complex enquiries back to the in-house team to manage. Eliminating these general enquiries, basic processes, reception and switchboard functions allows the in-house team to focus on more strategic activity.

In providing an omni channel service for RCM, we provide the opportunity for their members to make contact through their preferred channel, to suit their needs.


  • Membership services
  • We are ‘RCM Connect’, taking every inbound call and all membership enquiries
  • 94% of queries resolved at first point of contact
  • Administration of memberships
  • Direct members to employment support
  • Proactive outbound calls to improve and measure membership experience
  • Membership payments online and over the phone
  • Data intelligence and continuous improvement through trend analysis

Shared Values

As a key partner, it’s important we not only understand the practical and commercial needs of a business, but also their culture and vision. We know and understand the values of RCM and are proud that our organisations share many core values.


Our Role as RCM Connect

We act as the first point of contact for RCM members, handling reception, general and membership enquiries via call, email and web chat.  We also assist with requests for specialist advice and get the member in touch with the relevant Workplace Steward or Regional/National officer.  We provide extended opening hours for members (24 hours), which provides total flexibility for midwives on varying shift patterns and hours.

In addition we support RCM with a wide range of administrative and back office tasks, including processing applications and cancellations.  The scope of this has increased over time, beginning with the processing of renewal forms, before moving onto membership applications and cancellations.  This has freed up RCM staff to focus on more complex cases and back office functions.


Strategic Support

We carry out various outbound data cleansing projects including contacting members who have an invalid address or email on the system. This ensures the RCM are able to keep in regular contact with their members. In 2018 we updated over 700 members’ addresses as a result of data cleansing work.

Our detailed knowledge and understanding of RCM’s organisation means we are well positioned to carry out ad hoc projects at short notice. This provided vital support to them following their move to a new CRM system.

We are able to investigate any member complaints and also fully report on the member experience including contacts received and response times. All the feedback received and data on membership activities is analysed and shared with the RCM, including any recommendations for improvement to the membership experience. Our data intelligence reporting is completely tailored to RCM’s needs.

Partnership Approach

The RCM have been working in partnership with go-centric since 2012 and during that time we have jointly created and launched the RCM Connect service with the aim of improving responsiveness to RCM members. go-centric have been flexible, creative and committed in their approach to helping us achieve this, and we are delighted to be working with them to continue delivering an excellent service for our members.

Chris Truman

COO, Royal College of Midwives

Tremendous Support

We developed a great working relationship with go-centric and their dedication remains consistent over the years.  Highly efficient and very professional in all areas, we appreciate their services as they have been a tremendous support for our organisation

Rumena Begum

Membership Services Officer, Royal College of Midwives

We Continuously Improve Our Service

In the renewal period 18/19, all renewals were processed up to date by the 25th of January (an improvement of 27 days from the previous year) – a total of 4300 processed.

Over 4400 applications were processed in 2018.  Over half of these were processed over the busy student period from August – October (a rise of 25% from the previous year).  In this period all applications were processed within an agreed 2-week SLA, with 70% processed within one day of being received.

Offering LiveChat support, enables members to ask questions through the website, with a speedy response, an average wait time of 8 seconds. We worked with RCM, making recommendations of how to promote this channel to increase its usage, and as a result contact through this channel has increased significantly, particularly for simple enquiries.

Our partnership approach with RCM ensures we continually improve the service to members, resulting in an ongoing reduction in the number of queries which need to be passed or escalated to RCM, 94% being handled at first point of contact by our dedicated team.

Clothing and Lifestyle Retailer – High Street Brand

Clothing and Lifestyle Retailer – High Street Brand

Case study

It is also our belief that ‘working in partnership’ should not translate as charging our clients more. This was demonstrated when working with one of our retail clients to build their European Customer Service Centre.

Prior to delivering this there was a fragmented service model in place. Elements of the service were being delivered by different teams across various countries. A new management team had been installed within their business who had limited visibility of both contact demand and service processes.

The challenge for the partnership was successfully building and launching a new service model within only three months. After go live it became evident that the actual contact demand was much higher than forecast. This meant that service levels were immediately under pressure and the budget forecast was no longer accurate.

Rather than reference a contract and agreed pricing model, which many of our competitors may have done, we met with our client to redefine the service model and pricing to a level that worked for both parties. This decision was taken as we recognised the benefits of building a long-term strategic partnership with a client over trying to maximise short-term gain. As part of our new proposed service model we maximise the use of both a dedicated team with a shared service team overflow available to allow for flexibility and scalability. By introducing a dedicated team we have seen quality increase by 15% minimum per channel and in addition by offering an overflow facility have seen wait times decrease by 23%. Our client loves that our dedicated team have become brand ambassadors for the service and are continually feeding back ways to improve the customer experience.

After a decade our partnership is going strong. The e-commerce business has grown by around 50% during this time however our costs have not risen at the same rate. This has mainly been achieved through analysing areas of cost within the service and eliminating them through automation of processes.

By introducing a dedicated team we have seen quality increase by 15% minimum per channel and in addition by offering an overflow facility have seen wait times decrease by 23%.

NHS Smoking Cessation Service

NHS Smoking Cessation Service

Case study

An example of a proactive service improvement was within the NHS Smoking Cessation service for the NHS Grampian health board. Based on a model of three outbound call attempts over a period of time for each patient record, we identified that the Grampian health board had a higher rate of contact failure when statistics were compared to other health boards.

To combat this we introduced a system where an SMS was sent to the patient to ask if they were available for a call. When the patient replied to say yes, the SMS was converted to an email which was delivered to an Advisor (using our push notification technology) and an outbound call to that patient was immediately generated. This not only significantly increased the contact success rate but it also reduced the required number of contact attempts saving the NHS Grampian health board both time and money whilst increasing the amount of successful contacts.