Introducing…. Matthew Griffiths, Partnerships Director

Introducing…. Matthew, our Partnerships Director. It’s Matthew’s job to show off go-centric’s excellent outsourcing capabilities and establish relationships with new clients. We asked Matthew five quick fire questions to get to know him.

What is your background/experience?

My experience over the last 20 years is heavily involved in contact centre performance management and outsourcing.  I have worked across several industries which has given me great exposure to what clients and customers really need.

What are your favourite things to do outside work?

Spending time with my young family is my favourite thing to do when the work hat is off and I am also a Hearts FC season ticket holder for my sins!

Tell us an interesting fact about you.

I danced on stage with Leo Sayers – sad more than interesting really.

What made you join go-centric?

It really is an excellent, forward thinking company with big ambitions. go-centric has the ability to make a measurable difference and add value to businesses of all shapes and sizes.  If you have an outsource need, go-centric can offer an outstanding solution – I want to be part of that journey.

What do you think of go-centric so far?

The go-live event we held on 17 April was a brilliant reflection of the company and the relationship we have with our clients. You get the strong feeling from the team they all want to be the best, everyone has welcomed me and thus far, I have not been picked on for being from Edinburgh!

Best of luck Matthew in the new role!

David Harper and Steve Head are hits at the go-live event

The go-centric team celebrated a fantastic launch night on Wednesday 17 April. We had a fantastic turn out, current clients, prior clients, potentially new clients, key partners, stakeholders and friends filled the office for a great evening.

We wanted to offer an event that would celebrate the creation of the go-centric brand and showcase our passion for the business and vision for the future, but also offer beneficial and inspirational information with our guests. We’re hopeful that everyone felt it was time well spent and a positive experience.

As well as a warm welcome, Jo Mansell our COO shared her wisdom on creating high performing teams and her experience of doing so across a multitude of major corporate brands.

David Harper, Chairman, demonstrated his incredible passion for customer service and talked about the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and what leading brands do differently to become synonymous with outstanding service.

Steve Head, one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the UK, delivered his keynote and taught the audience some valuable lessons in using the power of positivity to create success. Everyone left talking about #149, the 4 minute rule, GOBs and fish, and with smiles on their faces because he is such a funny and entertaining speaker.

And in amongst the talks we enjoyed canapes, drinks and music and members of the go-centric team ran demo rooms on our People & Culture, and Technology & Innovation, showcasing all the work we’re doing to continue the transformation of go-centric and deliver outstanding for our clients and their customers.

We’ll be sharing photos and video edits of the evening on LinkedIn and our Facebook and Instagram pages, so please give us a follow if you haven’t already.

If you didn’t manage to attend on the night, have any questions or would like to know more about our business we’d love to come and visit you, or host you at our go-centric offices. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


photos from go-live event

photos from our go-live event

Creating High Performing Teams by Jo Mansell, go-centric COO

To deliver outstanding service you need an outstanding team. I’ve spent my entire career working with organisations to deliver high performance. Having worked in senior HR roles for Santander, GE Money, Coca Cola, Astra Zeneca and BP Chemicals, I understand the challenges faced by senior leaders trying to introduce a culture of high performance to transform their organisation.

Transforming the culture of your business is never going to be easy. If it’s easy, you’re probably not doing it right! However, neither should it be overly complex, and there are things you learn along the way to guide you on how to structure and implement a cultural change.

It’s not a one-size fits all solution, but I’ll share some of my thoughts on the key actions I believe you need to take to create a high-performance culture and deliver outstanding results:

  1. Clear, consistent and true leadership

The quality of your leadership is absolutely critical as it cuts through to the heart of the organisation. The behaviours of your senior leaders will permeate through your organisation, so they will determine the success, or failure, of any cultural change programme.

So first and foremost, belief. Your leaders must be onboard and buy into the culture you’re trying to create and believe that will deliver success for your business. If they don’t, it will leak out in their behaviours and you will lose the trust of your people. There must be a tacit agreement, a ‘signing up’ to the vision and they must be authentic, consistent and transparent in their leadership.

Secondly they must ‘walk the talk’ and visibly demonstrate their sign up to vision to inspire their teams. You need to create a culture within your leadership where they can give feedback to each other in a respectful, constructive environment so they can call each other out if they’re not ‘walking the talk’.

Thirdly, be clear with your leaders as to what is expected from them. But also be clear to your people about what they should expect from their leaders. Create the trust. Create the environment that tells your people there is mutual respect and that everyone is expected to demonstrate that.

  1. A strong vision

It should go without saying that a business with a clear vision and strategy that is well communicated to employees is more likely to be successful. There is plenty of research out there to back that up. When implementing cultural change, it’s the same principle, tell people very clearly what you’re trying to achieve and why, what’s in it for them and then be very clear about your plans to get there. People need to know change is purposeful, that everything you do is purposeful.

So make sure your communications and actions are connected. Your whole people strategy should be connected, so the full employee journey is considered in terms of culture and engagement. From attraction and onboarding, to performance management, recognition and reward, employee relations and communications. How you treat people and how you expect people to behave are intrinsically linked. You can’t drive change in one area without considering the impact of the other.

  1. Celebrate success

Aside from the obvious benefits of recognising and rewarding people for their behaviours and achievements, you can actually use the celebration of success as a learning tool. Reflecting on the detail of achievements informs you on how and why you got there. It gives you the opportunity to use the information as a guide when tackling your next challenge or project, what did you do, how did you do it, what worked, how can it be replicated?

For a high performing organisation, it’s critical that you are clear on what outstanding looks like, and showcase the people or projects that achieve the vision to set the precedent for the rest of the organisation.

I’ll leave you with three words. Three words I don’t think you can be high performing without. Those are trust, respect and belief.

Trust in each other and in the organisation

Respect of your people and customers

Belief in yourselves and your vision

If you can instill those three behaviours in your leaders and subsequently your people, it will open up huge opportunities for your organisation.

Disruptive Outsourcing

We love the term ‘disruptive outsourcing’ used by Deloitte in its 2018 Outsourcing Survey.

Outsourcing is not just about cost. It is economies of scale, expertise, quality and innovation. It is partnering with organisations that can give you a competitive edge, provide technology and resources and take on costly, repetitive processes to allow your business to do what it does best.

It’s our job to ensure technology and digital innovations keep our clients ahead in their industry, with employees who are expertly trained to deliver market leading customer service.

As a business process outsourcer we don’t just handle your customer service calls. We can take on a full range of business processes and administration as well as providing a full end to end omni-channel customer experience. Our DevOps team innovate to create digital solutions and automations. We can do all this 24/7/365.

Come and talk to us. Let us find ways to create a competitive edge for your business.

David Harper – go-centric exhibiting at SCDI Annual Forum

On the 25 and 26 April, we are an official exhibitor at the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI)’s 48th annual Forum, being held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC).

The SCDI is an independent membership network who are a non-political and not-for-profit organisation that represents a cross-section of the private, public and social economy sectors. The annual forum convenes leaders from business, politics, the public and third sector and education establishments – alongside future leaders.

The two-day programme will provide networking opportunities for participants and interactive debates, focusing on strengthening foundations of economic growth and turn the environmental, demographic, mobility, educational and technological challenges that Scotland faces into clear economic opportunities for the future.

David Harper, Chairman at go-centric, who will be at the event, said: “As a Scottish man, owning an organisation in Glasgow, I felt it was critical for us to join SCDI. It’s a very reputable organisation, with clear goals in supporting businesses across Scotland to come together and grow Scotland’s economy. Being a member connects us with so many highly respected organisations and support from Scottish Enterprise. I’m delighted that we’re exhibiting at the annual forum this year and am looking forward to what looks like a great agenda, as well as networking with other successful business leaders. At go-centric we’re obsessed about delivering an amazing customer experience, it’s something I’m personally passionate about and I’m looking forward to sharing our vision.”

Speakers who are confirmed to be at the event include Nicola Sturgeon MSP (First Minister of Scotland, Scottish Government), Rt Hon David Mundell MP (Secretary of State for Scotland, UK Government), Robert Peston (Journalist, Broadcaster and Founder, Speakers for Schools), Ambassador Peter Wittig (German Ambassador to the United Kingdom), Steve Dunlop (Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise) and Chris Yiu (Senior Policy Fellow for Technology, The Tony Blair Institute). Sally Magnusson, broadcaster for BBC Scotland will be the Facilitator the event.

go-centric are glad to be a part of this fantastic event and we hope to see you along at the forum! For more information on the event and how to attend, please visit: