A day in the life of a Dedicated Customer Advisor

Hi, my name’s Antonia and I’m a Customer Service Advisor at go-centric. My role is dedicated to a specific team, looking after a well-known high street fashion and lifestyle retailer. They have a really cool brand, one that I’m proud to work with.

The way we work in our dedicated team is omni-channel, which means we look after all of the customer service channels for our client’s customers, telephone, email, social media like Facebook, Twitter and Facebook Messenger.

I love the way we work – we’re all trained on all channels, so we can be really flexible in terms of which channels are busy, supporting each other and also looking after the customer journey no matter which way they prefer to talk to us. It keeps things varied, and means no days are quite the same.

Right now, we have just got over what we call ‘peak season’, for retail and some other industries, due to the Christmas period. Peak begins in October and goes right through until the sales finish in January/February. We have to scale up ready for peak season, to make sure we can support the increased volume of customer queries. It was incredibly busy, but we made it! Sometimes we do get volumes we’re not expecting, but luckily, we have a shared services team who are ready and trained to support with overflow when needed.

We try to plan for volumes as much as possible, working closely with our clients. On rare occasions the volumes will go way above what we and our clients expect. If that happens everyone in the business mobilises to support including the trainers and the managers. We don’t want to let our clients and their customers down, we’ll work overtime and do whatever’s needed to deliver a great service, because ultimately the service we deliver has an impact on how customer’s feel about our client’s brand.

We always have a little ‘pre-peak’ party, to have a bit of fun before the busy period. But we did also have a great Christmas night out at the beginning of ‘peak season’ and this helped boost morale for the coming weeks and put us all in a festive mood!

It’s a really supportive working environment, and the managers and directors will look for ways to keep everyone engaged and having a bit of fun regularly, maybe bringing pizzas in if we’re working on a later shift, or having incentive competitions with prizes.

We also like to do some charity fundraising or community support when we can, raffles, dressing in a specific colour for the day. It gives you the feel good factor and keeps everyone’s energy up. Our events team are also always coming up with new and exciting activities for us to participate in.

go-centric is definitely somewhere I enjoy working. I can see the company growing and improving all the time and I want to be a part of that. I’m hoping to progress eventually to a Team Leader position, and I’m confident that the management team will help me achieve that if I put the effort into my development.