Alison Gammell joined go-centric as an agent in February, and has recently been promoted to the role of lead trainer. Here, she tells us about a typical day in her working life.

Please can you describe your role within go-centric?

I’m currently finding my feet in my new role, but I am really enjoying getting into a new routine to include all my new additional responsibilities. My career has always been in education and training, so in March of this year I moved over to the L&D department as a project trainer delivering training across multiple campaigns.

How do you start your working day?

Each day starts with a strong cup of coffee going through my emails, Teams notifications and checking my calendar for the day ahead!

What does your typical day consist of?

I don’t think there is a ‘typical’ day at go-centric! Each day of the week has its specific jobs but life at go-centric is so fast-paced and anything can come up at the last minute so multi-tasking is definitely a key part of my role.

Who do you work with / who is in your team?

I report to Amy Baddely the L&D Manager and I have two direct reports, Andrea Wrigley and Annabel Cooper who are first-class, well-versed trainers.

How has the Pandemic impacted your role? Have you seen any benefits?

I was made redundant from my previous job due to the pandemic. I think that go-centric have exemplified and fully embraced the new working from home model which has benefitted all staff.

What tips could you give someone who wants a career within go-centric? What are the most important skills and attributes?

Working for go-centric is very much a collaborative approach so having the ability to work as a team-player is vital but also knowing that when working autonomously there is a wealth of support around you.

What’s the best thing about go-centric?

What really stands out to me, during my relatively short time here at go-centric, is how having passion for your job and constantly delivering is truly recognised and rewarded.