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Is Your Business Seasonal?

Is your business seasonal? Have you considered the benefits of outsourcing to support seasonality? At go-centric we support many seasonal peaks for our clients, ensuring their customer experience does not suffer during their busiest times of the year.

Did you know…. nearly 85% of seasonal businesses in the UK are being forced to secure extra finance in order to fill gaps in their cash flow?*

Perhaps unsurprisingly, over a third (36%) said cashflow was the biggest issue they come up against when adapting to seasonality. And managing stock (22%), staffing (21%) and planning (20%) were their biggest problems.

Is your business one of many that spikes during certain times of the year? To prepare, you need to adopt a strategic planning approach. You can harness and make the most of your peaks, and by doing so, will soften the need for cashflow during off peak times.

By finding the right partner, you can alleviate your cashflow issues and remove the burden of staffing issues. Working with a specialist organisation who can absorb your peaks, will save you time and money. By utilising the right partner, you can save costs for managing your peak period, for recruitment, headcount and all the costs associated with increasing your onsite resources and increase the quality of your customer experience and therefore revenue.

Outsourcing during peak times of the year gives you the ability to have a partner that will be an extension of your brand. They will handle the increased workload, with the right people, systems and levels of service to make a measurable difference. At go-centric we also provide data intelligence that will help you manage your peak periods more effectively.

Then when your peak/season ends, you can turn it off. Safe in the knowledge that when it comes around again you have a partner ready to go.

If your customer experience is paramount, and your business has seasonal peaks, we’d love to talk to you about what we can do to support your organisation.


  *According to research conducted by the Royal Bank of Scotland Great British Entrepreneur Awards and Esme Loans 2018.