Our Services

On-Demand Contact Handling Services

We support clients swiftly when they need additional, reliable, high-quality capacity. We will ‘plug any gaps’ in service delivery but our clients’ only pay for what they need – ‘Picking and Mixing’ from our flexible package of On-Demand Services:

  • Overflow for busy periods
  • 24/7/365 out of hours and weekend services
  • Fixed peak demand periods
  • Ad-hoc demand
  • Early morning/late evening cover
  • Absence, peak holiday, training, briefing, and events cover
  • Outbound calling and campaigns
  • Call triage and message taking/ workflow.

Out-of-Hours and Emergency Contact Handling Services - Shared or Dedicated Model

Our Out-of-Hours/Emergency Contact Handling Services provide our clients with peace of mind that their customers are receiving exceptional service around the clock and that we will triage service, process bookings and escalate to them where required – delivering routes to relevant emergency services – or agreed third parties – as and when appropriate.

Our service is underpinned by a specific Safeguarding Process, specialist training in identifying and handling safeguarding concerns, and a comprehensive ‘Supporting Vulnerable Customers’ Policy.

Contingent Services (such as support during the COVID-19 Pandemic)

We can offer clients additional support, capacity or contigent relief during a time of crisis – or where demand peaks. We offer additional capacity, overflow and Business Continuity support to clients, during a time of crisis, to cover known peaks or to handle unexpected fluctuations in demand.

Outbound Sales and Service

Our Outbound Services include:

  • New customer courtesy calls
  • Customer service updates
  • Complaints handling
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

For Sales, we provide customer win-back and retention services using our skilled and highly trained Customer Experience Specialists. We can also carry out outbound sales campaigns (multiple and simultaneous) improving conversion rates as well as upselling and cross-selling.

BPO Contact Centre Omni-channel Services

We can deliver full-outsourced service delivery via our omni-channel solution or can take on part of a client’s service, acting as an extension of the client’s team.

We are PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant. This means that we have been audited and certified by a third party, confirming that we are fully compliant with the standards set out by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and can process payments safely and in line with international standards of security.

A support model completely tailored for your needs

go‑centric offer flexible solutions for businesses of all sizes, with an omni-channel experience for your customers. We support telephony, email, SMS, social media, webchat, video chat, Whatsapp and Messenger, with teams upskilled to multi-task and provide superb levels of service across all channels. If you want a dedicated service we can provide a ring-fenced team, acting as an extension of your service. For lower volumes, or more standardised processes and services, support is provided within our Shared Service model, providing a tailored service from brand ambassadors. Hybrid model agreements can be agreed, ensuring that the majority of your supported is provided by a dedicated brand team, but with the flexibility to overflow into the Shared Service model during peaks or periods of unanticipated high volumes.

The bespoke level of support you need, across any channels you choose to offer to your customers. At any time of day. From out of hours coverage, weekends and bank holidays, ad hoc emergency cover, right through to a 24/7/365 service, whatever your anticipated volumes.

Our industry expertise

Our clients come from all industries, and we have significant experience in supporting clients within the following sectors, using that expertise to support our clients with best practice solutions:

Housing Associations



Membership Organisations


At go-centric we develop bespoke in-house solutions to streamline the customer journey. One of our solutions has proved particularly beneficial to our housing association clients, although it can be adapted to service any industry with a requirement to allocate work or tasks to a dispersed workforce, or contractor list.

We can customise steps to engage with your contractors and engineers via SMS, call or email. The main aim is to automate part of the process, make it simpler, faster and reduce the risk of errors as well as the time needed on outbound calls. This improves the experience for customers/tenants and saves precious time spent on the phone.

Our workflow tool speeds up the process of passing along jobs with easy access to details for engineers using our custom-built app. We have built a real-time dashboard portal so you can see your jobs in progress at any time along with a full suite of reports. Our video above showcases the benefits of the workflow system.

Full Outsource

To help you stick to what you do best, whilst transforming your business, use our expertise to outsource all your non-core activity. Harness our industry knowledge, experienced customer service advisors and let us help you grow your business.

Confidential Partnerships

Offering a seamless experience for your customers, with our team acting as true brand ambassadors. We know some companies prefer their customers not to know that they’ve outsourced services. We respect our clients who wish to remain anonymous and retain confidential partnerships with a number of high street and household brands.

Payment Solutions

  • 24 hour, seven day a week payment processing service
  • Need help collecting?
  • Our Card Payment Processing service allows clients to collect payments or arrears from their customers over the telephone
  • The service adheres to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and provides flexibility, convenience and reassurance to our clients

Customer Experience

  • Want to increase your customer base?
  • Would you like more customer loyalty?
  • Would you like to transform your customer’s experience?

Innovation & Simplification

  • Be more effective and remove your complex processes
  • Automate and digitise your processes
  • Understand and leverage your data

Data Centric

At go-centric we understand data is big business and vital to the future success of our clients. Using API technology and Microsoft Power BI, we have the ability to analyse your data trends in real time, providing you with direct access to leverage your data and make informed decisions.


True brand ambassadors

We have worked together with go-centric now for over a decade. They are our European customer service partner, using an omni channel approach (all calls, emails and social media), to deliver in English, French and German. They’ve helped to detail and analyse our customer trends in digital format, providing us with real time data and helping us make continuous improvements to the experience of our customers. Our relationship began with out of hours support and has over the years expanded to a fully outsourced partnership, due to the level of service and value-add provided by the go-centric team. Our brand identity is incredibly important to us and it’s critical that the team at go-centric, as our chosen partner, act as true Brand ambassadors and it is this partnership approach that has allowed our dedicated go-centric team to feel like they are an extension of our own ‘in brand’ team.

Logistics Director

High Street Fashion & Lifestyle Retail Brand

Very flexible and responsive

Fife Housing Group has worked in partnership with go-centric for more than five years. They provide an excellent out of hours call handling service for our inbound calls, which are mainly emergency repairs.

The team are happy to listen to what we and our tenants require in terms of service and have worked with us to develop an effective call handling script which ensures that we meet and manage our tenants’ expectations in relation to out of hours emergency repairs.

We also find that the management team are prepared to investigate any issues and feedback to us with an explanation and make appropriate improvements to the service.

Their overall performance in terms of the percentage of calls answered is very good. Finally, they are very flexible in terms of responding at short notice to emergency situations, for example, the loss of phones in our office or providing ad-hoc cover for training/meetings during the normal working day.

Isobel Deighan

Business Support Manager, Fife Housing Group