IT Literacy Assessment

This short assessment will give you the opportunity to showcase your IT knowledge and capabilities.

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1. At the bottom left of your Windows screen, you see this button: What is it called?
2. You choose to close down a Windows program as below, without first saving any of your work: What will happen?
3. You choose to view your downloads: Which folder, by default, will these be stored in?
4. In the diagram below, the name of the Microsoft cloud-based storage system has been replaced with the word CAPTION. What is this name?
5. The standard Windows anti-virus software is shown: What's it called?
6. What action do I use to 'tag' a user?
7. Consider this screen shot: What is it listing?
8. You see the icon in a program: What (in all likelihood) would clicking on the icon enable you to do?
9. The number 1 is shown in the screen shot of an email program: What does this mean?
10. Which word(s) would you click to reply to an existing thread?
11. You press the top left key, but it takes you home rather than typing in the number 7. Which other key (not shown) that you could press would be most likely to press to change this behaviour?
12. Which word(s) would I click to access an existing meeting?

Basic English Literacy Assessment

This assessment has been designed to gauge your reading and writing skills, as well as your general comprehension of the English language.

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1. The climate is rather _______ and the rapid falls in temperature and not uncommon.
2. The student __________ would like a non-uniform day this term.
3. I am __________ of the fact that the class can be extremely challenging.
4. ____________ there are many teachers who never mark their students work.
5. Giving a child a ___________ can go a long way to build confidence.
6. We need to order some more __________ before the end of the month.
7. Many of the Local Authority policies are questionable, _________ no useful function.
8. The lecturer was trying to _____ whether the class understood the lesson.
9. Please write a short paragraph explaining why you would be good in a customer service role.
10. Please write a short paragraph about your professional goals.