David Harper and Steve Head are hits at the go-live event

The go-centric team celebrated a fantastic launch night on Wednesday 17 April. We had a fantastic turn out, current clients, prior clients, potentially new clients, key partners, stakeholders and friends filled the office for a great evening.

We wanted to offer an event that would celebrate the creation of the go-centric brand and showcase our passion for the business and vision for the future, but also offer beneficial and inspirational information with our guests. We’re hopeful that everyone felt it was time well spent and a positive experience.

As well as a warm welcome, Jo Mansell our COO shared her wisdom on creating high performing teams and her experience of doing so across a multitude of major corporate brands.

David Harper, Chairman, demonstrated his incredible passion for customer service and talked about the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and what leading brands do differently to become synonymous with outstanding service.

Steve Head, one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the UK, delivered his keynote and taught the audience some valuable lessons in using the power of positivity to create success. Everyone left talking about #149, the 4 minute rule, GOBs and fish, and with smiles on their faces because he is such a funny and entertaining speaker.

And in amongst the talks we enjoyed canapes, drinks and music and members of the go-centric team ran demo rooms on our People & Culture, and Technology & Innovation, showcasing all the work we’re doing to continue the transformation of go-centric and deliver outstanding for our clients and their customers.

We’ll be sharing photos and video edits of the evening on LinkedIn and our Facebook and Instagram pages, so please give us a follow if you haven’t already.

If you didn’t manage to attend on the night, have any questions or would like to know more about our business we’d love to come and visit you, or host you at our go-centric offices. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


photos from go-live event

photos from our go-live event

Disruptive Outsourcing

We love the term ‘disruptive outsourcing’ used by Deloitte in its 2018 Outsourcing Survey.

Outsourcing is not just about cost. It is economies of scale, expertise, quality and innovation. It is partnering with organisations that can give you a competitive edge, provide technology and resources and take on costly, repetitive processes to allow your business to do what it does best.

It’s our job to ensure technology and digital innovations keep our clients ahead in their industry, with employees who are expertly trained to deliver market leading customer service.

As a business process outsourcer we don’t just handle your customer service calls. We can take on a full range of business processes and administration as well as providing a full end to end omni-channel customer experience. Our DevOps team innovate to create digital solutions and automations. We can do all this 24/7/365.

Come and talk to us. Let us find ways to create a competitive edge for your business.


David Harper – go-centric exhibiting at SCDI Annual Forum

On the 25 and 26 April, we are an official exhibitor at the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI)’s 48th annual Forum, being held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC).

The SCDI is an independent membership network who are a non-political and not-for-profit organisation that represents a cross-section of the private, public and social economy sectors. The annual forum convenes leaders from business, politics, the public and third sector and education establishments – alongside future leaders.

The two-day programme will provide networking opportunities for participants and interactive debates, focusing on strengthening foundations of economic growth and turn the environmental, demographic, mobility, educational and technological challenges that Scotland faces into clear economic opportunities for the future.

David Harper, Chairman at go-centric, who will be at the event, said: “As a Scottish man, owning an organisation in Glasgow, I felt it was critical for us to join SCDI. It’s a very reputable organisation, with clear goals in supporting businesses across Scotland to come together and grow Scotland’s economy. Being a member connects us with so many highly respected organisations and support from Scottish Enterprise. I’m delighted that we’re exhibiting at the annual forum this year and am looking forward to what looks like a great agenda, as well as networking with other successful business leaders. At go-centric we’re obsessed about delivering an amazing customer experience, it’s something I’m personally passionate about and I’m looking forward to sharing our vision.”

Speakers who are confirmed to be at the event include Nicola Sturgeon MSP (First Minister of Scotland, Scottish Government), Rt Hon David Mundell MP (Secretary of State for Scotland, UK Government), Robert Peston (Journalist, Broadcaster and Founder, Speakers for Schools), Ambassador Peter Wittig (German Ambassador to the United Kingdom), Steve Dunlop (Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise) and Chris Yiu (Senior Policy Fellow for Technology, The Tony Blair Institute). Sally Magnusson, broadcaster for BBC Scotland will be the Facilitator the event.

go-centric are glad to be a part of this fantastic event and we hope to see you along at the forum! For more information on the event and how to attend, please visit: https://www.scdi.org.uk/events/scdi-forum-2019/

go-centric go-live! Launch Event

On Wednesday 17 April we will be celebrating our official go-centric launch event at our Glasgow HQ!

At our official launch event we will be sharing exciting new developments in our business, including some digital demos, networking opportunities along with refreshments. David Harper, our chairman, will share his passion for outstanding customer service with some examples of wow customer experience, and transforming satisfaction into loyalty, as well as the vision for go-centric.

We will also be joined by, Jamie Hepburn MSP. Jamie is a Scottish National Party politician serving as Minster for Business, Fair Work and Skills for The Scottish Government since 26 June 2018. He had previously been the Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health from 2014 to 2016 and Minister for Employability and Training from May 2016 to June 2018.

We are also lucky to have Steve Head giving a talk at the event. Steve is a full-time keynote speaker, inspirational trainer, coach and author and one of the most sought-after performance coaches in the UK. We’ve worked with him on many occasions and think he is absolutely brilliant. He’s worked with the NHS, councils, schools, universities and many corporates including Vodafone and Santander. He is also coach to England Wheelchair Rugby League Team.

If you would like more detail or to discuss our launch event next month, please e-mail [email protected] for more information.

Creating Customer Loyalty – David Harper, Chairman

I am personally passionate about great customer service. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I notice all the little details in the service I receive, whether it’s a hotel reception remembering my name, a favourite restaurant seating me at my preferred table, or just the warmth in the tone of voice when I’m speaking to a customer service team on the phone.

I want to know people truly care about whether I’m happy as a customer. Because if I’m not, I will ‘vote with my feet’ and find a new favourite restaurant! (no matter how good their butter chicken is)

When you receive great customer service, you can see the pride of the people delivering it. Those people are generally more engaged, enjoying their role more. They create personal success for themselves not just for the business they work for.

I love reading WOW customer stories. In this digital age, your reputation can be built or destroyed in a flash, depending on what kind of story you send viral. So make them WOW stories. Give your people the ability to go above and beyond for your customers and take pride in what they do.

That’s what I want and expect for go-centric. That’s what we promise our clients and what we instill into our teams. Our people are our business – and your customers are our peoples’ business.

Here are my thoughts on turning customer satisfaction into customer loyalty.

Customer Loyalty versus Customer Satisfaction

Good is no longer enough. If customer satisfaction is a short-term win, customer loyalty is the long-term goal. Loyal customers are the ultimate goal of any company that wants to stay in business. Why? Because loyal customers spend more money than new customers. A survey by Bain & Company found that “a shopper’s fifth purchase was 40 percent larger than the first, and the tenth purchase was nearly 80 percent larger than the first.”

If loyal customers are your goal, you need to move from providing a good, transactional service to building and developing long term relationships with your customers. Here are three things we believe will help you begin that journey:

Reduce effort for your customers – 96% of customers who report high effort customer experiences become more disloyal to the company in the future. The easier you can make it for customers to do business with you and purchase from you, the more loyal they will be. Translating this to your customer service experience is offering a seamless choice of channels for your customers to engage, reducing handovers and maximising first point resolution. Support your channels with efficient processes,

Proactive engagement – don’t just react to customers, be proactive in how you communicate, engage and service them. You want to have more positive interactions than negative interactions. From a customer service perspective this means more proactive contact, using data intelligence to predict your customer’s wants and needs, ensuring a completely personal and personable experience that reflects the values of your brand.

Empower your people – anyone in your business, including your suppliers, who has direct contact with customers will have an impact on customer loyalty. They are ambassadors of your brand. Make sure they understand what customer loyalty means to the business, that your vision and goals are clear, train them well and empower them to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

We want your customers to be loyal, not just satisfied. We can help you deliver that through all of the above points, whether your customer service is in-house or supported by go-centric. We’d love to help you review and assess your current customer experience and understand how you can turn satisfaction into loyalty.

Let’s create some WOW customer stories together.

I’d be delighted to talk to any organisations who’d like to hear more about working in partnership with go-centric.

David Harper