How Outsourcing Can Make Your Business Better

Invest your time, money and resources into doing what you do best. As businesses grow in size, they inevitably get more complex. More people, more space, more governance, more cost, more control.

As a fast-growing industry, outsourcing proves there are a number of reasons why it can be the right strategic choice, and make a significant contribution to the success of your business.

  1. You’re tapping into resource and expertise

You’re buying specialist services, with extensive knowledge and expertise in specific products, processes or services. Your outsourcing partner constantly builds on best practice, learning from what works and doesn’t work across multiple clients. You’re also buying the ability to run a 24/7/365 business, without the overheads.

  1. You’re mitigating your risk in terms of business continuity or disaster recovery

A good outsourcing partner will have robust business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place, to ensure your customers don’t take the hit if anything happens. They can provide you with overflow or emergency services, so if your system fails or the phone lines are down, your customers will continue to receive a consistent, seamless service.

  1. You can more easily offer 24/7 services in multiple languages

Recruiting a multi-lingual team is complex and expensive. A good outsourcing partner will help you go global, with skilled resources providing services across a number of languages.

  1. You can save money

The right partner will provide you with a cost-effective service, costing you far less than the recruitment and headcount, office space, technology, training and management costs you would incur delivering in-house. Their services will be flexible and scalable, to support the peaks and troughs of your volumes, without the need for costly headcount.

  1. You can utilise technological innovation

Keeping on top of digital development and trends isn’t easy, for any size of business. It takes significant time and investment. The Cloud enables your outsourcing partner to connect with your systems seamlessly, and their development team will constantly be looking for ways to innovate and improve your customer experience.

The one thing that outsourcing won’t do? It won’t harm your customer experience. At go-centric we’re committed to delivering an outstanding experience for you and your customers. From omni-channel customer services, through to membership services, administration, social media management and back office solutions, we can support your business and help you thrive.

Please come and talk to us about your business goals.

go-centric exhibiting at SFHA Housing Scotland Annual Conference

Next month go-centric are exhibitors at the Scottish Federation of Housing Association’s Housing Scotland Annual Conference. The event on the 11/12 June, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow is one of Scotland’s highest profile housing conferences.

The Housing Scotland event provides the chance for people in the industry to build skills and network, along with showcasing who future customers will be and what homes and neighbourhoods will look like in 2040.

Kelly Arrol, Service Delivery Director at go-centric will be joined by Partnerships Director Matthew Griffiths on the exhibition stand, and commented, “Having worked with a large number of housing associations over the past 20 years, we consider ourselves as partners to the industry, with significant knowledge and expertise to support organisations in delivering an outstanding service to their customers. We’re delighted to be an exhibitor and to attend such an important event for the Scottish housing association sector.”

The conference also features workshops from the likes of NHS Scotland, Social Bite, Keep Scotland Beautiful and Shelter. Speakers at the event include:

  • Sally Thomas – Chief Executive at the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA)
  • Andrew van Doorn – Chief Executive of HACT, a UK innovation charity, social enterprise and industry-focused think/do tank established by the housing association sector.
  • Professor Sir Harry Burns FRSE – Professor of Global Public Health at the University of Strathclyde
  • John Loughton – Chief Executive of leadership company Dare2Lead, and Founder of The Scran Academy – a business providing employment support to disadvantaged young people

go-centric as Commercial Associates of the SFHA, are looking forward to what we know will be a fantastic event.

For more information and how to attend, please visit:

Creating Customer Loyalty – David Harper, Chairman

I am personally passionate about great customer service. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I notice all the little details in the service I receive, whether it’s a hotel reception remembering my name, a favourite restaurant seating me at my preferred table, or just the warmth in the tone of voice when I’m speaking to a customer service team on the phone.

I want to know people truly care about whether I’m happy as a customer. Because if I’m not, I will ‘vote with my feet’ and find a new favourite restaurant! (no matter how good their butter chicken is)

When you receive great customer service, you can see the pride of the people delivering it. Those people are generally more engaged, enjoying their role more. They create personal success for themselves not just for the business they work for.

I love reading WOW customer stories. In this digital age, your reputation can be built or destroyed in a flash, depending on what kind of story you send viral. So make them WOW stories. Give your people the ability to go above and beyond for your customers and take pride in what they do.

That’s what I want and expect for go-centric. That’s what we promise our clients and what we instill into our teams. Our people are our business – and your customers are our peoples’ business.

Here are my thoughts on turning customer satisfaction into customer loyalty.

Customer Loyalty versus Customer Satisfaction

Good is no longer enough. If customer satisfaction is a short-term win, customer loyalty is the long-term goal. Loyal customers are the ultimate goal of any company that wants to stay in business. Why? Because loyal customers spend more money than new customers. A survey by Bain & Company found that “a shopper’s fifth purchase was 40 percent larger than the first, and the tenth purchase was nearly 80 percent larger than the first.”

If loyal customers are your goal, you need to move from providing a good, transactional service to building and developing long term relationships with your customers. Here are three things we believe will help you begin that journey:

Reduce effort for your customers – 96% of customers who report high effort customer experiences become more disloyal to the company in the future. The easier you can make it for customers to do business with you and purchase from you, the more loyal they will be. Translating this to your customer service experience is offering a seamless choice of channels for your customers to engage, reducing handovers and maximising first point resolution. Support your channels with efficient processes,

Proactive engagement – don’t just react to customers, be proactive in how you communicate, engage and service them. You want to have more positive interactions than negative interactions. From a customer service perspective this means more proactive contact, using data intelligence to predict your customer’s wants and needs, ensuring a completely personal and personable experience that reflects the values of your brand.

Empower your people – anyone in your business, including your suppliers, who has direct contact with customers will have an impact on customer loyalty. They are ambassadors of your brand. Make sure they understand what customer loyalty means to the business, that your vision and goals are clear, train them well and empower them to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

We want your customers to be loyal, not just satisfied. We can help you deliver that through all of the above points, whether your customer service is in-house or supported by go-centric. We’d love to help you review and assess your current customer experience and understand how you can turn satisfaction into loyalty.

Let’s create some WOW customer stories together.

I’d be delighted to talk to any organisations who’d like to hear more about working in partnership with go-centric.

David Harper

Meet our new talent!

Introducing…. Graeme, our new Information & Resource Analyst. It’s Graeme’s job to help us ensure we have the right people in the right place at the right time, to maintain outstanding service for our clients and their customers. We asked Graeme a few questions to get a quick introduction….

What is your background/experience?

I’ve just come from a job within a pharmaceutical company as a data analyst and prior to that I worked in the business analyst team at another contact centre for 4 years.

What are your favourite things to do outside work?

I’m a massive music fan and listen to a pretty decent range of music although I have special place in my heart for 90’s one hit wonders. I can also play a few musical instruments but my real true love is playing the drums.

Tell us an interesting fact about you.

I run a gaming event in the Southside of Glasgow that focuses on retro gaming. I’m basically a total nerd.

What made you join go-centric?

It seems like a really exciting, forward-thinking company with lots of opportunity to develop.

What do you think of go-centric so far?

Everyone has made me feel really welcome, it’s really fast-paced and it’s been a crazy first week but I feel at home already!